Sonakshi Sinha supporting a hippie look.

Sonakshi Sinha Unleashes inner Honey Singh in her maiden single

Sonakshi Sinha is back, but not in a film but in a music video, that too as a singer and not only as the singer. To be honest it is not sure whether to be elated or terrified with the prospect of Bollywood actresses releasing singles, especially after the ‘exotic’ stuff Pee Cee came up with sometime ago. Nevertheless, let us just have a look at what she has to offer.

This song called Aaj Mood Ishqholic Hain has been composed by Meet Brothers Anjjan, those guys from all those rustic yet raunchy Kanika Kapoor songs such as Baby Doll and Chittiya Kalaiyan. In fact Sonakshi also appeared in their video called Nachan Farrate. So, it was only a matter of time for the popular actress turned aspiring singer.

However, the song mostly remains most flat during its entire runtime. Sonakshi starts with a bit of hip hop and then eventually turns to generic Bollywood party tunes however the ineffectiveness of the tunes show us how important Kanika Kapoor’s singing was to their earlier successes.

Sonakshi Sinha supporting a hippie look.

Sonakshi Sinha supporting a hippie look.

As for the video, it has been shot in Goa and despite generic sounding tunes, it surely will become a dance floor favourite considering the names attached. In fact the makers realise this and that is why they have released it just ahead of Christmas to make the most of the long holiday season.

The video is comparatively more interesting than the song. Sonakshi plays sort of an proactive alpha woman who abducts are gaming nerd, slacker of a boyfriend and takes him to a long drive. Eventually they reach a party spot, the song continues and they shake a leg. The choreography by DID participant Salman Yussuf Khan is adequate if not particularly innovative. Sonakshi does look fitter than ever in this video probably because she is apparently working in two atypical, action oriented roles in Akira by A R Murugadoss (Ghajini) and Force 2 by Abhinay Deo (Delhi Belly).

Story line apart, the video is mostly reminiscent of various international music videos with bold colours and glittering sets. Sonakshi sports a bandana and apparently is trying to be “Bohemian” in this video. However, towards the end however she drops the guy at home like a good desi girl instead of taking him to her own home. So, not that Bohemian after all, is it?

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